Liberal Democrats Lead the Way… In LIES: A Long History of Tall Tales


Liberal Democrats Lead the Way… In LIES or A Long History of Tall Tales

As the primary season continues to heat up and we draw ever closer to the 2016 national elections, I thought it would be nice to remind you of the Democrats long history of telling Tall Tales.

In recent years the Democrat Party has developed a mastery of the art of lying. They haven’t done this on their own; they’ve been helped in their task by their allies in the media. In fact, without the media’s help, the subterfuge would likely have been impossible. Who can forget the many, many lies that spilled forth from President Obama’s mouth, like an open sewer of ordure?

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Remember… this is how Obamacare was sold to the American people. It must be repealed.

Posted by Tea Party Patriots on Friday, January 29, 2016

While Barack Obama may be a practiced liar who is well versed in the art of misdirection, he is an amateur when compared to the guile-filled Hillary Clinton. Recently, talented YouTuber Michael Armstrong put together a very important video of Hillary Clinton doing what she does. It’s 13 minutes of Hillary Clinton lying – and all of the material comes from the last ten years.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are the favored politicians from the liberal party. Professional liars who prostitute themselves for power and they call themselves the Democrat Party.

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