Liberal Democrat Gets Caught Cheating During Debate

Democrat Charlie Rangel (D-NY) is not, how do we say, a morally upright man. His career has been more scandal-plagued than Barack Obama’s… if that tells you anything.

Anyway, he’s having a tough reelection fight with an equally disturbing candidate, and things are starting to get a bit ugly. During a recent debate, Rangel was getting his hat handed to him by his opponent and decided to try to get a bit of extra help from his friends at Google.

Sadly for Mr. Rangel, but hilarious for the rest of us, she caught him red handed… and she wasn’t shy about calling him out.

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Moderator: “Congressman, are you Googling during this debate?”

Rangel: “No. I just wanted to show that what he was taking out was consistent -“

Moderator: “But it’s not fair, because they don’t have their devices.” 

Rangel: “Oh, I was going to show it to them, but you’re right!”

You can send a no good, lying cheater to Washington… he’s still a no good, lying cheat.

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