Did Liberal Death and Sex Culture Create Elliot Rodger?

My heart goes out to the innocent victims who were murdered by a privileged white kind who couldn’t get a girl to sleep with him.

A parent of one of the victims blamed the murder of his son on guns and the NRA. The guns didn’t kill anybody. The person using the gun did. Here it is as succinct as an explanation you can get, delivered by the character Shane in the 1953 film of the same name:

We’ve learned that six people were not murdered with a gun. A new report contends that Elliot Rodger “is believed to have used a machete and hammer to slaughter his first three victims in an apartment he planned to turn into a personal torture and killing chamber.”

None of this is any comfort to the parents whose children were murdered. But blaming the NRA and guns is not the solution.

Elliot Rodger had a long history of mental and emotional problems. “Simon Astaire, a family friend, said [the Rodger’s son] had been seeing therapists since the age of eight, including virtually ‘every day’ while at high school.” Maybe a stable home life might have helped. Elliott’s parents are divorced. It’s possible that Elliott’s father’s nude photography hobby was a contributing factor to his son’s warped view of women.

There were certainly warning signs of trouble. “Police visited him . . . after being alerted by his mother to disturbing videos on YouTube. But officers had not watched the videos and did not search the apartment.” How could they? They did not have probable cause. The parents could have checked up on in. I’m sure they are second guessing themselves at this very moment.

There are other factors that can feed someone who has mental and relational issues. There are numerous triggers for someone like Elliot. Family life is an important factor. Preoccupation with sex is another. It’s a story when a person does NOT have sex before marriage. It’s almost obligatory that young people have numerous sex partners.  It’s a rite of passage.

What isn’t sold with sex today? There’s no escaping its distortions.

“Everybody’s doing it but me; therefore, something must be wrong with me. I’ll fix that.” What is right or wrong anymore? Who can say?

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