Liberal Congressman Attacks GOP Opponent – If you haven’t Served in Uniform you have “Zero Credibility on National Security Issues…”

Up in the great white North, a liberal Congressman may want to rethink his argument on National Security issues. Congressman Tim Walz (D-MN) is an uber-liberal who represents a conservative district in Minnesota. He is in a tough reelection fight and is pulling out all the stops to make sure he gets to go back to Washington in January.

Walz’s opponent is a conservative Republican by the name of Jim Hagedorn. Hagedorn was criticizing Walz’s stance on certain foreign policy and war on terror issues (like closing Gitmo), which pushed Walz into attacking Hagedorn for his lack of military service.


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“These statements would be laughable if they weren’t so reckless and desperate… Jim Hagedorn, who has never served a day in uniform, has zero credibility on national security issues.”   – Rep. Tim Walz (D-MN)

I guess this means that Barack Obama has “zero credibility on national security issues” too? How about Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi? Susan Rice? I think that Tim Walz should probably rethink his national security paradigm – while military service is certainly honorable… it has nothing to do with someone’s credibility on national security. (Though – Obama, Pelosi, Clinton and Rice all lack military service and are horrible on national security… so maybe there is something to this…?)

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