Liberal Bullies Love Picking on the Victim

“Birds of a feather bully together.”  —Folk Saying

Old School: Whoever Started the Fight Is the One Who Gets Punished

Back in high school, circa 1979, I became a target for bullies.  Being somewhat bookish, I seemed to attract them, despite the fact that I was anything but a weakling.  So, I became pro-active, went to the library, and found information about pressure points—areas of weakness in the human body.  I warned all bullies who approached not to assault me, unless some pretty traumatic suffering was desired.

One bully, a 250-pound athlete, laughed off my warning (I was 135 pounds) and attacked anyway.  He made my head bleed.  So, I dropped my books and put all my weight behind my right foot, throwing myself into his kneecap.  The knee broke!

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The principal called me in, believed my story, and asked if he needed to contact my folks.  “Why worry them?” I demurred.  “Okay, Dowling,” he said, “don’t let the door hit you on the way out.  And see the nurse!”  It was a different era.

In today’s world, I would likely be punished along with the bully: suspended, perhaps arrested, and even sued!  In our upside-down, liberal schools, we are experiencing a shortage of moral compasses.   Nowadays, liberals love victimizing the victims and helping the bullies.

Isn’t Getting Proof a Good Thing?

A student in Pennsylvania, in 2013, was bullied but found his complaints ignored by school administration.  He armed himself with an i-Pad and set it to record.

liberals intolerantAfter the victim took the evidence of bullying to school administration, the liberal principal called police—on the victim!  The principal had the bullied student arrested for “illegal wire-tapping.”  This student did not physically fight back, knowing that—in our brave new world of today—he would get in trouble if he did.  He got in trouble anyway.

Upon being hauled before a liberal judge, the student received a lecture on how to handle bullying situations.  Then he was found guilty of illegal wire-tapping.  The actual bullies were never punished.

So, in summary, what happened was this: The student was simply passed from bully to bully to bully.  And the whole situation ended with the good guy losing multiple times and the bad guys all winning.  Here is the lesson: When dealing with liberals, punishments are dealt out based on whom the liberals dislike, rather than who was actually guilty of wrongdoing—like the Obama IRS’s targeting of conservatives, for example.

Defending the Disabled Is Moral, Right?

In February of 2014, educators in Texas were criticized for suspending Christian Tumax, who came to the rescue of a special-needs kid who was being bullied.  During lunch, Tumax heard a ruckus and turned to witness what was happening to his friend.  “I turned around and saw he was being harassed,” Tumax reported.  So, Tumax went to the bullies and told them to “be quiet and leave him alone.”

School officials, at Rudder High School in Bryan, Texas, viewed the security tape later that day and decided to suspend Tumax from two days of school, although dozens at the scene agree he did nothing wrong.  Tumax was the defender, according to accounts of many eyewitnesses.

“The school district talks about how it’s anti-bullying,” Shane Savage wrote in a Facebook posting, also saying that teachers looked on while doing nothing.  Tumax helped the victim and was immediately beset by bullies.  Why was he was suspended, while none of the real bullies were?

It would seem that liberals recognize themselves in the bullies.  The result is that the picked-on persons get punished, not the bullies.

The People Israel: Defending a Country

Taking this to another level, Hamas terrorists have bullied Israel for years on end with rocket strikes, wreaking havoc on peaceful Israelis and subjecting them to great danger.

In the ultimate escalation of Israel’s self-defense from merely reactionary to pro-actively preventive—through a wholesale military campaign to eliminate the threat altogether—Israel has found itself portrayed in liberal, anti-Semitic media as the bad guy.  Israel took it on the chin from terrorist bullies for years—yes, years!—before finally making the decision to defend themselves with the proper goal of disarming or permanently disabling Hamas.

No other country currently criticizing Israel would ever have shown such admirable restraint in the face of daily rocket attacks.  Yet they feel justified in ganging up on Israel, accusing the bullied party of being the actual bully!

Liberal Bullies Just Don’t See, They Can’t!

Among liberals, the culture has devolved into a culture that is supportive of bullying—their own and other people’s, as well.  They cannot recognize bullying in others, because doing so would mean having to recognize it in themselves first.  Their own behavior has caused the liberal community to develop a major blind spot, for, as Stephen Covey once said, “We see the world as we are, not as it is.”

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