Liberal Black Politician Accuses Republican’s 18-Month Old Son of Racism

Liberals have made everything about race. This latest example is beyond comprehension. Most often charges of racism are made when a liberal is losing the debate. While it’s a personal attack – an ad hominem – it’s also a red herring, a way to divert attention away from the substance of an argument.

Here’s the latest, not to be the last, example:

“During a heated debate over an Indiana ‘religious freedom’ bill, a Democratic representative took the opportunity to accuse the child of one of her colleagues of racism.

“The child is an 18-month-old toddler.

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“Rep. Vanessa Summers, who represents Indianapolis, took to the podium to question the bill’s sponsor about the impact of the legislation.

“After that, she brought up an exchange she had with Rep. Jud McMillin, a Republican.”

The charge of “racism” was made based on a single meeting with McMillin and his very young son.

“‘I told Jud McMillin I love his son, but he’s scared of me because of my color and that’s horrible,’ Summers said, to groans.

“‘It’s true,’ she insisted.”

By the way, something like this needs to be discussed privately. The fact that the charge was made in a political setting seems to me to be a clear sign that there was an attempt to gain some political advantage.


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