Liberal Billionaire Pours Money into Horrible Political Ads

Yet more proof that liberals have nothing but personal attacks in their arsenal when it comes to politics.

Liberal Billionaire Tom Steyer has been working with left wing politicians and groups for years in an effort to minimize conservative influence in politics… but lately he’s taken a turn towards the absurd.

“These ads are the political equivalent of Miley Cyrus’ ‘twerking.’ Light on substance, heavy on camp and self-indulgence. Kind of what you’d expect from a ‘look at me’ billionaire like Steyer,” says Pete Snyder, CEO of the venture capital firm, Disruptor Capital.

Like this political ad attacking Iowa Republican Joni Ernst.

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Of course the same people who attack conservative political activists love the work that Steyer is doing.

“In this day and age you have to be over-the-top to get the attention. There’s a blizzard of ads in the world and if no one even looks at yours, they’ll never get the substance of your message,” said Bill Scher, senior writer for Campaign for America’s Future, a progressive nonprofit based in Washington. 

Plus, “people’s sensitivities have changed over time. There is a higher tolerance for over-the-top right now,” he added. “Let’s all be big boys and girls and realize that people who have money are going to spend money on political ads — that’s just the way of the world.” 

tom steyer is evil

Sure the ads may be complete fabrications and focus mostly on personal attacks and lies about the candidates or issues… but for Democrats it’s just going a bit “over-the-top to get the attention.”

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