How a Liberal Beat the Teachers Unions on School Choice

Reason TV recently ran a great story supporting the school choice movement. The feature was about New York City liberal Eva Moskowitz and her fight to defeat the power of the teachers unions.

Moskowitz is the woman who helped develop New York City’s largest and most successful charter school network. She is the founder and CEO of Success Academy, which has 32 schools scattered across the city staffed by nonunion teachers and posting the best scores and results of any publicly funded schools in the city!

Reason’s Nick Gillespie sat down with Moskowitz to discuss her schools, her approach, and the reasons that so many liberals are fighting against what she is doing.

The most basic question to ask in the fight for America’s education is “Why do so many Democrats seem so hostile to the idea of school choice?” Moskowitz has an answer…

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From Reason TV’s YouTube page:

Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie sat down with Eva Moskowitz to talk about why her schools are so successful, whether her model is scalable, how labor contracts hurt schools, and what moved her to sacrifice her political career to bring attention to the corrosive influence of unions on public education.

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