Lib Journalist: Criticizing Hillary is “Code” for…Just Take a Guess [VIDEO]

It worked so well with Barack Obama, the liberals and the mainstream media claimed that any criticism of his policies were because of the color of his skin. Cokie Roberts is trying to tell us that criticism of Hillary is based on the fact that she has “female parts.”

Appearing on ABC’s “This Week” Ms. Roberts said that Donald Trump’s recent attack on Hillary Clinton as “unhinged” was ‘Code For We Shouldn’t Elect a Woman.” No really she said that!

“About unhinged and she doesn’t look presidential, is totally code for we shouldn’t elect a woman. That is exactly what that is.”

Does that mean the statements made by Clinton surrogates that Trump is crazy is code for don’t vote for a man? When Hillary questioned Bernie Sanders commitment to the Democratic Party and accused him of enabling the gun industry to arm mass killers was she really saying, “don’t vote for a man.”  What about when she bragged to CNN’s FareedZakaria  that she was the designated administration yeller, to call up and scream at Bibi Netanyahu, was that code for ‘America never vote for a Jew?’

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Of course not!  Cokie Roberts’ claim of misogyny behind Trump’s criticism of Hillary is simply an absurd way of…

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