Let’s Use GoFundMe to Raise Funds to Start a New Fundraising Website

GoFundMe is an online funding website. It’s been used to raise funds for any number of causes and projects. Lately, GoFundMe has gotten political. After nearly $900,000 was raised for Memories Pizza when radical homosexuals threatened to shut down the family business, GoFundMe was pressured by these same radicals to stop any future funding programs that included support for anti-same sex marriage causes.

The Washington Post reports:

“GoFundMe added ‘discriminatory’ campaigns to the list of causes that can’t find a home there, a week after the company’s decision last week to remove a fundraising page for a bakery facing a hefty fine for violating a state discrimination law.”

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Of course, GoFundMe has every right to discriminate. It’s a private company.

The discriminating decision is thick with irony, however, since the “Sweet Cakes By Melissa” bakery and Christian floral shop Arlene’s Flowers campaigns were shut down for discriminating against something they deemed to be contrary to their beliefs and principles. Like GoFundMe, they are private businesses that should have the same rights to discriminate.

Here’s what we do. Let’s establish a funding site and use GoFundMe to finance the startup. That way, money can be raised for conservative causes and keep the money in conservative hands.
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