Let’s Play a Game: Count How Many Times Hillary Clinton’s Lied During this Press Conference

At a news conference in Las Vegas, Nevada a few days ago Hillary Clinton got very testy with the assembled reporters. Particularly she got visibly upset with Fox News’ Ed Henry when he brought up the fact that famed Watergate reporter Bob Woodward said that this email scandal reminded him of the Watergate scandal, connecting Hillary Clinton with Richard Nixon.

To say that Henry got stonewalled by Mrs. Clinton would be putting it lightly.

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While this was an interesting turn in the story, it was hardly the most interesting aspect of the press conference.

The most interesting thing about the conference was that you could have turned it into a drinking game. Clinton lied so often that some observers couldn’t even keep count! This isn’t just me, right-wing conservative nut-job that I am, saying this. Even the folks at MSNBC were appalled at how often and how easily she could lie, when anyone paying attention already knows the truth!

Things got so bad that respected opinion journalist Ron Fournier, who counted at least six different lies in the press conference, told MSNBC’s Morning Joe viewers that, “If Huffington Post is going to treat Donald Trump like entertainment, maybe they should treat Hillary Clinton like fiction.”


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