Let’s Not Forget About Al Gore’s Sexual Assault of Masseuse in 2006

What is it with Hillary Clinton?  Does she feel uncomfortable campaigning without a sexual predator around? Tuesday’s “crazed sex poodle,” was the supposed inventor of the internet, global warming investor, former vice president, and the man known for the phrase, “Come on, Baby, Release my Chakra,” that’s right, Al Gore.

You may remember the famous incident in 2006, when Mr. Gore assaulted a 54-year-old massage therapist named Molly Hagerty? According to the 73-page police report by a Portland, Ore., Gore is not only an attempted rapist but, he’s a “crazed sex poodle.” Some of that police report is published at the Smoking Gun.

According to the report, Gore called the front desk of the Hotel Lucia on Oct. 24, 2006 and asked for a massage. When the masseuse arrived, she said the former VP hugged Ms. Hagarty the masseuse a bit too close: “The hug went on a bit long, and I was taken just a bit aback by it,” she. She also admitted that she didn’t protest because Gore “was a VIP and a powerful individual and the Hotel Lucia had made it clear … that they were giving him ‘the…

Read the rest of the story at Jeff Dunetz’s blog The Lid

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