Leftwing Law Professor Reminds Us, Still No Evidence Against Trump!

Turley’s colleague, Alan Dershowitz, was also on TV this week warning the President against meeting privately with special counsel Robert Mueller.

Leftwing law professors Jonathan Turley and Alan Dershowitz are a breath of fresh air in these partisan times.

These two men have made themselves into punching bags for the left, because they’ve decided to stay ideologically pure, intellectually honest, and legally consistent during the Trump era.

Over the last year and a half both men have argued the same positions that they argued in defense of the Clinton family, only they’ve done so in defense of the Trump administration, and it has cost them dearly with their liberal “friends.”

Even so, they’ve remained true to their values and to their legal beliefs and earlier this week Turley was at it again, reminding America that there is STILL NO EVIDENCE that President Trump ever did anything wrong.

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Martha MacCallum: You’ve been saying all along that you think the interpretation of many in the media has been far too broad and too amped up.

Jonathan Turley: It has. You know, we went through a long period where people talked about collusion as if there were some federal crime called ‘collusion.’ And then that morphed into obstruction and then it morphed into things like campaign finance violations or other issues. All these crimes have elements. They have case precedent. You have to satisfy those. And where you and I have talked, there are areas that should be of a great concern for President Trump, these crimes have not strengthened over time. Before Comey was fired, he told Trump he was not a target of that investigation. It appears that nothing has changed after over a year. That’s a significant fact to reveal.

Turley's colleague, Alan Dershowitz, was also on TV this week warning the President against meeting privately with special counsel Robert Mueller.

Dershowitz explained that even if the President is 100% honest in his answers to the special counsel, he could still be charged with perjury!

Listen as Dershowitz explains the ugly truth to Sean Hannity:

Alan Dershowitz: I have to tell you if after a year of very thorough investigation and going after all the low-hanging fruit and getting people not only to sing but some of them even perhaps to compose, if they couldn't have shifted him from a subject to a target there is nothing there.

Sean Hannity: What, are they hoping?

Alan Dershowitz: Of course they are hoping. But I think they understand that. Now they are going into very weak issues. Collusion. I challenge Mueller to tell me what statute is violated by collusion.

There is a memo now by [Rod] Rosenstein authorizing him to investigate collusion with the Russians by Manafort. But you can't investigate sins. You can only investigate federal crimes and there is no such federal crime collusion.

Sean Hannity: How do they not know that?

Alan Dershowitz: They know it but they hope that by investigating collusion they'll get somebody to obstruct justice, to commit perjury, to commit one of these other peripheral crimes as they always say it's in the coverup. But it's not the coverup. It's that prosecutors induce coverups which is why innocent people shouldn't be testifying unless they absolutely have to because you can be indicted for perjury even if you tell the truth. If you say something that somebody else says differently.

Sean Hannity: That's a spectacular statement. You could be indicted for perjury even if you tell the truth.

Alan Dershowitz: That's right. Because if somebody contradicts you and the prosecutor believes the person contradicting you, you're indicted for perjury even though you told the truth.

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