Leftist Vision of America: Forbid Ideas

Progressives move from destroying statues to advocating that the government virtually forbid ideas.

Explicitly appealing to European post-war censorship, some Black Lives Matter VIPs are advocating that the government forbid ideas. So basically, they want all Confederate flag images banned because they supposedly represent “white supremacy.” Forget about the problems with the fact that more people who own such memorabilia don’t believe in white supremacy. That problem is rather small. The more important issue in that the government is not supposed to punish bad thoughts. We don’t elect politicians to forbid ideas.

That’s as unamerican as white nationalism.

Lifezette reports, “Black Lives Matter Activists Float Criminalization of Confederate Imagery.

In the aftermath of violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, progressive activists nationwide have demanded, and in some cases illegally carried out, the tearing down and removal of statues and monuments to Confederate leaders and soldiers on public space. Now Black Lives Matter activists have gone even further — going so far as to call for a ban on all Confederate imagery — even in private possession.

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Inspired by Germany’s post-war laws banning any and all Nazi imagery, Black Lives Matter activists on Twitter called for a similar ban on Confederate imagery or memorabilia.

“After WWII, Germany outlawed the Nazis, their symbols, salutes & their flags. All confederate flags & statue, & groups should be illegal,” tweeted the Black Lives Matter Chicago Twitter account, @BLMChi.

“The fact that the Confederate flag & statues permeate the south is evidence that white supremacy was never overthrown in the United States,” the @BLMChi account tweeted three minutes later.

Outlawing all Confederate flags, symbols, statues, and groups would not only be indescribably impractical — taking into account the existence of battlefield monuments, graves, Civil War re-enactors, every single souvenir shop within a 10-mile radius of Gettysburg, historical computer games, and Lynyrd Skynyrd albums — it would also be illegal.

Speaking of Lynyrd Skynyrd, does anyone know if any radio stations are still playing “Sweet Home Alabama”? Because in our current political environment of moral panic, it seems like it might be considered risky.


Read the entire Lifezette story.

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