LEAK: Transcripts of Trump’s Calls with Foreign Leaders Surface

Just when we thought the leakers had been taken care of….more leaks surface. I am nearly convinced that Obama bugged the White House before he left. That theory would certainly explain a lot!

Just 24 hours before Attorney General Jess Sessions was to discuss a crackdown on leaks, a mega leak emerged. It was the transcripts of phone calls President Trump had with foreign leaders back in January.

Fox News reports:

The Washington Post reported, based on those leaked documents, that Trump pressured Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on Jan. 27 to stop publicly saying his government would not pay for a border wall. The report also aired new details over the president’s infamously tense phone call the next day with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Both phone calls were widely reported in February, in one of the first major leaks out of the Trump administration that have since become a constant headache. But the Post claimed Thursday to have obtained the full transcripts, which reportedly were “produced by White House staff” and based on records kept by White House note-takers.

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The reported transcripts give a fuller picture of what went down on those calls.

According to the Post, Trump got on Peña Nieto’s case about vows to never pay for his promised border wall.

Trump allegedly told him, “You cannot say that to the press.” Then spoke about the money issue, saying that it “will work out in the formula somehow … it will come out in the wash, and that is okay.”  However, if he refused to pay Trump said, “then I do not want to meet with you guys anymore because I cannot live with that.”

In reference to the Wall, Trump told Nieto that “the least important thing we are talking about, but politically this might be the most important.”

The call with Turnbull broke down over Trump’s disappointment with a U.S. agreement from the Obama administration to take refugees from Australian detention centers.

“This is going to kill me,” he reportedly told Turnbull. “I am the world’s greatest person that does not want to let people into the country. And now I am agreeing to take 2,000 people.”

He called the deal “horrible” and said, “I hate taking these people … I guarantee you they are bad.”

He warned the refugees could “become the Boston bomber in five years,” according to the report. Holding nothing back, Trump told the Australian PM this was “the most unpleasant call all day.”

It does not sound like President Trump is saying anything in private that he is not also telling us in public. So why were these transcripts released? Were they supposed to reveal something major?


They need to find where the leaks are coming from and get rid of them.

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