Lawyer Starts Process to Get James Comey Disbarred

He not only wants James Comey disbarred but he wants Loretta Lynch investigated.

Why wasn’t James Comey disbarred after his testimony was heard? Didn’t he basically admit to crimes in his testimony, leaking secret information to the media? The lawyer, Ty Clevenger, says that he lied to Congress, and destroyed “potential evidence” involving Hillary Clinlon’s email.

Will anything come of this? Time will tell. But I wouldn’t expect the FBI to help.

The Washington Times reports, “Push is on to disbar James Comey after Clinton scandal.

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A crusading lawyer filed a bar grievance this week accusing former FBI Director James Comey of lying to Congress and destroying potential evidence in the Clinton email scandal, in a process that could end up costing him his law license.

Ty Clevenger filed the grievance in New York, where Mr. Comey was a former U.S. attorney and is licensed…


He also asked to renew grievances in New York against former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, saying Mr. Comey’s claim that she tried to pressure him to downplay the Clinton probe should subject her to scrutiny.

Read the full Washington Times story.

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