Lawmakers are Actually Pushing to Make Tide Pods Look “Less Appetizing”

At first I thought this may have been a joke, but it’s not. Two lawmakers from New York are actually pushing for laundry detergent to look less appetizing so that children will not want to eat them as part of the “Tide Pod Challenge.”

I think this is a huge waste of time and management. Tide Pods do not look appetizing as it is. However, no matter what they look like, kids still would have done this challenge. It’s dumb and reckless and that is the appeal.

Did lawmakers try to change how cinnamon looked during the “Cinnamon Challenge,” or how about ice water during the “Ice Bucket Challenge?” No, they didn’t because it has absolutely nothing to do with how it looks. It is all about the excitement of a challenge.

By the time they get some sort of regulation in place and change how the soap looks, kids will already be onto the next dumb challenge.

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I say its almost worth it to let Darwin’s theory run. The idiots doing the challenge know the risks.

ABC Chicago reports:

State Sen. Brad Hoylman and Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas plan to detail their proposal Tuesday in Albany. Both are Democrats from New York City.

They say the state could lessen the risk of poisonings by prohibiting packaging that makes the pods look like candy.

The “Tide Pods challenge” is an internet trend showing people putting small laundry detergent pods in their mouths and posting videos eating them, often resulting in hospitalizations. Proctor and Gamble, which owns Tide, recently launched a campaign to warn people away from eating the pods.

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