Laura Ingraham Defends Donald Trump from Conservatives


Many in the media still seem to be completely baffled by Donald Trump’s enduring popularity. They just can’t understand how it is that someone with Trump’s history could be leading thee GOP field for President. It’s not necessarily a terrible thing to be confused about, but the answer really isn’t that confounding. Conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham gets the Trump attraction, and she recently appeared on Fox News’ Fox & Friends to explain the Trump phenomenon to anyone who was still flummoxed about it.

See… it’s not about conservative ideology or consistent constitutional credibility. Nope, it’s about something far more base and emotional than that.

Laura Ingraham: I think people are so used to politicians backing down. They say something one day — they’re going to take on Obama. They’re not going to let him do this executive amnesty and then literally two weeks after the midterm elections we’re cutting deals, we’re funding his government, we’re working with Obama on the Trade Promotion Authority. We’re giving Obama basically everything he wants. Wait a second, last year you were saying — so the fact that it just keeps going forward…

Santorum, and Huckabee in 2008, remember Santorum won in 2012 in Iowa. Huckabee won in 2008. What do they have in common? Trade deals, completely deep-sixed the middle class. Immigration doesn’t work for the American people anymore. We love immigrants, we don’t want them to be enslaved in the United States by greedy businessman who want to cut wages, who want to keep them down. We want the American people to rise. They both were making that argument.

Trump comes along in this election cycle and puts a little gloss on that, a little swagger. A little bravado. But it’s the same argument. He’s really going to town on it. I think that’s where we are today. I think there is such a vast discontent and anxiety, but yet hope for a better tomorrow. A real hope. Not the kind on the poster for Obama. And I think both Trump and [score]Ted Cruz[/score], but I think mostly Trump right now has really tapped into it. I know a lot of conservatives are like, ‘Well, he’s not a real conservative. He’s not ideological.’ You’re right, he’s not ideological.

Brian Kilmeade: That’s not what Glenn Beck sounds like.

Laura Ingraham: I like Glenn, but come on. The idea that you’re going to recreate John Adams here in 2016, it’s not going to happen. We love the founding fathers and the principles of governance in our country. We have to stick to them.

However, the people have seen all the people come along for the last 15 years and say, ‘I’m a Republican. We’re going to have a humble foreign policy. We’re going to cut back government spending.’ And yet, they have run the tables on government spending and huge foreign entanglements that hasn’t made our country very strong. I think the people claiming that Trump is not a conservative, they haven’t been very conservative. So everybody’s credibility is shot and a couple of guys who have come around like Trump and Cruz and they turned everyone’s consciousness upside down.

This is why less than 1/3 of voters who identify as conservatives are Trump voters. The strongest support for Trump comes from moderate Republicans, but his attraction reaches across every edge of the GOP spectrum. Which is why you’ll continue to see conservatives and establishmentarians alike grousing about Trump as a possible candidate.

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