Latest Scott Walker Push – “Recall the Recall” How Walker Demolished Wisconsin Liberals!

Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) presidential campaign team has just released his latest ad of the primary season, and boy is it a doozy! The ad is titled “Recall the Recall” and it reminds conservatives across the country of the reason they first fell in love with Scott Walker… the Wisconsin recall attempt. The ad shows video of crazed union members attempting to subvert democracy by threatening and berating Wisconsin’s Republicans, it shows those same psychotic liberals storming the capitol building, and then it shows Governor Walker triumphing over the bloodthirsty, mouth foaming mobs!

Even if Walker isn’t your first choice for President, it’s hard to watch this ad and not remember how proud we were of Walker and the other Wisconsin Republicans for holding their ground. Now, years later, his reforms have worked and Wisconsin is far better off than they were and far better off than they would be had the voters sided with the unions against their Governor.

Team Walker should be praised for producing such a passionate, moving and compelling argument for supporting their candidate. I’d be willing to wager that this ad wins over more than a few voters in the GOP primary… and you know what? It should.

Walker is deserving of getting a shot at the White House for all the reasons the ad recounts and every GOP voter should remember that.

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When Scott Walker was sworn into office in 2011, Wisconsin faced a staggering deficit and high unemployment numbers. Governor Walker took big, bold action to reform a collective bargaining system that was a bad deal for the taxpayers. The left erupted and threw everything they had at him, sending thousands of protestors to the state capital and attempting to recall him. But Scott Walker stood firm and won in a major victory for taxpayers against the big government special interests.


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