Latest Liberal Plan – Male Prisoners Calling themselves Women Will Go to Women’s Prisons!


Ah, the laughable illogic of the left.

The latest trend towards insanity in liberal America comes to us from the West Coast, where California has just instituted one of the most maniacal prison rules I’ve ever encountered. In an attempt to remain consistently insane with their liberal politically correct rationale, the government of California has decided to allow any male prisoner who says that he is a woman to spend their incarceration inside of a women’s prison!

Interestingly, the most recent estimates of California’s prison population finds that there are 363 men who identify as women, but only 22 women who say the reverse. The public will be on the hook for transferring these people to new prisons, but there will also no doubt be a surge in spending to help protect the biological women in these women’s prisons from the new influx of transgendered guests. There will likely also be a surge in “transgendered” prisoners once word of the new policy begins to circulate.

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But that’s not where the insanity ends… oh, no! California has also mandated that the taxpayers of California must pay for any “transgendered” prisoner seeking to surgery for sexual reassignment!

Life Site News explains the guidelines for treatment:

The guidelines for treatment include a committee that must consider other options before recommending surgery. Additionally, the “Sex Reassignment Surgery Review Committee” – which constituted two medical doctors, two mental health doctors, and two psychologists – must conclude that the “patient is in significant distress due to gender dysphoria” and that “the patient has continuously manifested a desire to live and to be accepted as a member of the preferred sex, including the desire to make his/her body as congruent as possible with the preferred sex, for at least two (2) years; [and] has lived full-time in his/her desired gender role for at least 12 months[.]

It’s truly a mad, mad world in today’s California where it doesn’t pay to be a law abiding, heterosexual male.

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