Latest Debate Hurts Donald Trump’s Campaign, but Might have Killed Scott Walker’s Hopes?

In the aftermath of last week’s CNN GOP Presidential Primary Debate everyone wondered what the fallout might be, and we may just now be starting to see the effects. The latest CNN poll of the primary race finds that backing for Donald Trump has taken a massive hit, while Carly Fiorina and Senator Marco Rubio saw a big bump in support.

Carly Fiorina shot into second place in the Republican presidential field on the heels of another strong debate performance, and Donald Trump has lost some support, a new national CNN/ORC poll shows.

The survey, conducted in the three days after 23 million people tuned in to Wednesday night’s GOP debate on CNN, shows that Trump is still the party’s front-runner with 24% support. That, though, is an 8 percentage point decrease from earlier in the month when a similar poll had him at 32%.

Fiorina ranks second with 15% support — up from 3% in early September. She’s just ahead of Ben Carson’s 14%, though Carson’s support has also declined from 19% in the previous poll.

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Driving Trump’s drop and Fiorina’s rise: a debate in which 31% of Republicans who watched said Trump was the loser, and 52% identified Fiorina as the winner.

While the poll is bad news for Donald Trump, it’s devastating news for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker whose campaign may be on the verge of total collapse after polling at less than ½ of 1% in the CNN poll.

Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker, who has recently dropped in the polls after a much-anticipated start, has dropped out of an upcoming event with the California GOP party.

The Walker campaign said Friday night that the Wisconsin governor cannot attend the state Republican Party’s Saturday night event because of a scheduling conflict but that he hopes to get back to California soon.

However, the campaign said that Walker has also cancelled an event Friday night in Michigan so he can campaign in early-voting states Iowa and South Carolina.

These are not good signs for Scott Walker fans. Not good at all.

However, for Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio, things are beginning to look up. Both candidates were regarded as having turned in strong performances in the CNN debate and the poll obviously reflects that. Fiorina’s second place finish and Rubio’s fourth place finish are the best results either candidates has seen in months and both campaigns hope this is a sign of things to come.

Dr. Ben Carson continues to poll well at 14%, and Rand Paul is probably happy with the CNN poll because he has pulled back up into 8th place after dropping to 11th over the last couple of weeks.

Whatever this poll can tell us, the one truth we should walk away with is this… the campaign is far from over, and there are still about 10 candidates with a shot at the nomination.

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