Latest CNN Poll Holds Big (BAD) Surprise for Obama


The latest CNN poll holds some tough news for president Obama, finding that of all of our living Presidents, he is now the least popular. It seems that the rehabilitation of President George W. Bush’s image continues to proceed as planned, because President Bush is now more popular than President Obama! While many Democrats believed this day would never come, it seems it has come much sooner than Republicans could have ever dreamed.


According to the poll, 52% of adults had a favorable impression of George W. Bush, 43% unfavorable. When Bush left office in 2009, only about one-third of Americans said they had a positive opinion of him. This new poll presents a notable shift as Bush’s overall favorability has remained well below 50% for much of his time as a presidential alum.

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Overall, 47% say things in the country are going well, 52% that they’re going badly. That’s a reversal from March, when 53% said things were going well, the highest share to say so during Obama’s presidency. The shift comes across partisan and demographic lines, with no one group’s opinions driving the overall change.

Obama’s approval rating has suffered a similar blow.

While it’s dropped since April, going from a near-even 48% approve to 47% disapprove split to a negative-tilting 52% disapprove to 45% approve, the rising disapproval ratings come across party lines, from both men and women, from whites and non-whites.



Asked to rate their feelings about living former presidents, Americans pick Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush as the most popular of the bunch, with 64% holding a favorable view of each. Jimmy Carter notches a 56% favorability rating and George W. Bush cracks majority favorability with 52%. That’s his most positive rating since April 2005. His father’s favorability ratings have also climbed in the last year, from 58% last June to 64% now. Clinton and Carter have held steady since last year.

Americans view the sitting president less positively than all of his predecessors.

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So does this news have any real impact on life in America? Probably not. But it should be instructive for both the Republican and the Democrat Party – no matter how strong they believe their positions to be at any particular moment, the tides will turn, the winds can shift, and fortunes do turn.

Today the Republican Party holds a strong majority in both Houses of Congress, and yet they continue to bow to Democrat pressure on almost every front. Their campaign promises remain unfulfilled, and they’ve focused more energy on passing unimportant legislation than they have on countering Obama’s horrible agenda. The Republican Party should view this poll as a wake up call. If they aren’t going to please their constituents, then their constituents will turn against them.

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