Does the Latest AP Poll Predict 2014 Will Be a GOP Wave Election?

The latest GOP ElephantsBut the AP does note that there are some positive indicators for the GOP.

There are some signs in the new poll that Republicans have gained ground as the height of the campaign approaches. In May, they trailed Democrats a bit on who ought to control Congress. Partisans are about equally likely to say they’d like to see their own in charge of Congress after November 4, with about three-quarters in each party saying they hope their side winds up in control. Democrats are a bit less apt to say they want their own party to win than they were in May, 74 percent in the new poll compared with 80 percent then.

And the GOP now holds narrow advantages over Democrats on handling an array of top issues, including the economy, immigration and the federal budget.

While we can understand the AP’s reticence to read too much into their numbers (and we have more than our fair share of cynicism for the main stream media’s analysis of these polls), we think that the AP poll numbers should lead Republicans to be quite optimistic about the upcoming midterm elections. While the nation still seems reticent to hand the reins of leadership back over to the Republican Party for the first time since the Bush administration, the country is even less enthused by the Democrats! That is a REALLY BIG DEAL.

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I’m not sure the AP really remembers how bad things were for the GOP during the last year or so of the Bush administration.

So, for the first time in some 8 years, the Democrats are really, truly unpopular. President Obama and the Democrat Party are even more unpopular than they were in the wave election year of 2010.

Democrat enthusiasm is also way down, and a large chunk of the Democrat constituency doesn’t trust their own Party to lead!

Noah Rothman at HotAir see similar positives in this latest AP poll…

July’s results represent a major shift of support among voters away from Democrats and toward either Republicans or the abstention column.

On nearly every domestic issue, President Barack Obama’s approval rating with voters is mired in the mid-to-low 30s. Just 40 percent approve of the overall job the president is doing in office.

Democrats are far more disheartened by the present state of affairs than are their Republican counterparts… 

… But the best news for Republicans in this poll came when voters were asked which party is better suited to handle a number of problems. Voters backed the GOP on every one of those issues…

… These are number which should (and likely are) prompting Democratic strategists to reach for the panic button. No wonder then that the AP’s readout takes on the tone of a child psychologist helping an underage victim cope with recent trauma. Keep the band playing as the ship sinks so as not to unnerve the passengers.

There is no sugarcoating it. These are awful numbers for incumbent Democrats heading into the fall. And we haven’t even started applying likely voter screens yet.


Yes indeed – the GOP could be poised for another wave election like we saw in 2010. Now, the biggest question is, will Republican politicians stay out of their own way and let the Democrats continue to bury themselves with their bad policies and horrible rhetoric?

Knowing the GOP – we could still snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. But here’s hoping!

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