Larry King Slams CNN as ‘Liberal,’ says there is No News Anymore

During a recent interview on comedian Adam Carolla’s popular podcast, King let loose with criticism of the media on the left, the right, and even those folks who claim to be down the center.

Larry King is not known as a conservative, in fact, for most of his career he’s been anything but.

However, what he’s witnessing in today’s media whirlwind has him sounding almost conservative.

The king of the sit-down interview had a lot to say about today’s media coverage of our political landscape, and he’s particularly perturbed about the non-stop coverage of President Trump.

During a recent interview on comedian Adam Carolla’s popular podcast, King let loose with criticism of the media on the left, the right, and even those folks who claim to be down the center.

King argued that MSNBC was liberal, Fox News was conservative, and his former employer CNN was “sorta liberal” too… but even worse, they had all succumbed to a ratings based, entertainment driven, nonsense. King complained that most of the media coverage of the “news” these days was done through a panel of “experts” who usually got things wrong.

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King further told Carolla that the news had become laborious and tiresome, and that it really wasn’t “news” anymore. He cited the Stormy Daniels “scandal” and explained that it was the perfect example of a “news” station focusing on entertainment and ratings.

“I was thinking about Anderson Cooper went to go interview the ex-Playmate who is alleged to have slept with [Trump]. And I said to my wife last night if you’re Anderson Cooper, don’t you go, ‘I know what this is.’ Like, I’m not a journalist but if somebody said fly out to California and talk to this chick who may have slept with Trump like 10 years ago. I’d just he going, I don’t want to do that, I’m a journalist. I don’t want to talk to her.

I’m educated, I’m a journalist. I’m sure she slept with the president 9 years ago or whatever it is. I’m sure she was in Playboy in 2003 and whatever it is. That’s fine. I want to go do something. There’s got to be a war breaking out,” Carolla said, acting as how a journalist would react to interviewing porn stars.

The answer is audience. These networks want audience and they know that that interview on 60 Minutes, Anderson does the 60 Minutes Sunday with Stormy Daniels.

To me, it would be laborious to go through that. If you notice if you watch these cable news networks there are no news. It’s all Trump. There are no news.”

There is no “news” indeed.

King is 100% correct, and it’s the reason for the rise of the “new media,” and websites like Eagle Rising,, Godfather Politics,, and others.

We on the right recognized that the main stream media had given up on the “news” a long time ago and we decided that we were going to do something about that sad fact.

The main stream media, and the overlords of technology like Google and Facebook, may not like us… but we’re going to keep reporting on the day’s stories as we see them.

If we, the consumers of media, don’t take control of the content that we’re taking in then we’ll become nothing more than helpless lemmings. CNN, MSNBC, even Fox News… they all have ulterior motives and none of them are looking out for us. So we have to watch out for ourselves.

Here’s the full episode of Adam Carolla’s podcast:

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