Large Rogues’ Gallery of Democratic Candidates Coming in 2020

With no clear leader, we will probably have a lot of Democratic candidates in the 2020 primary.

With a large number of Democratic candidates likely to be running for the party’s nomination in 2020, the Democrats seem like they will be in a similar situation to Republicans in 2016. The difference is that to Democratic base means that the winner of the nomination will be at least as far left as Barack Obama and maybe more so. With no one to rig the primaries, we’ll likely see an heir to Bernie Sanders running against Donald Trump.

Fox News reports, “2020 Vision: Huge field of Democrats forming for contest to take on Trump.

The absence of a clear frontrunner, in turn, has dozens of Democrats from across the ideological spectrum weighing their options, creating the possibility that the primary season could see upwards of 20-plus candidates vying to take on President Trump two years from now.


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While there’s no Obama or Clinton on the ballot, candidates with ties to the 44th president could enjoy an early advantage – at least while others are trying to build national name recognition.

At the top of that list is former Vice President Joe Biden, who leads in a recent Quinnipiac poll of Democrats. Meanwhile, Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder told The Washington Post he’s got the “guts” to be president. And the former Massachusetts governor Obama himself has suggested would be a worthy successor, Deval Patrick, isn’t taking his name out of contention.

The nascent field also includes several current and former governors: former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, quoted several days ago by the Washington Free Beacon saying “Who better to take on Trump than me?”; New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who wrapped up at least one recent set of anti-Trump remarks by borrowing the president’s famous slogan, “we’re going to make America great again;” and California Gov. Jerry Brown, who isn’t ruling out a run even though he’ll be 82 in 2020.

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