Lahren on Oscars: ‘Their Whining is Self-Righteous Grandstanding’

America’s favorite fiery blonde is back at it again with her Final Thoughts.

Tomi Lahren called out the hypocrisy of Hollywood celebrities at the Oscars. They act so self-righteous, but they couldn’t be any further from it. It was literally just a celebration of degeneracy and self-obsession.

Their ratings plummeted and you can only imagine why…No one wants to watch a show that trashes America, hard working Americans, the military, and our president. We are tired of having racism and hatred shoved down our throats by the people we literally pay to act and distract us from the ridiculous reality that our country has become.


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Lahren said, “It’s quite ironic. These Hollywood liberal elites are paid ridiculous amounts of money to read other people’s words, and pretend to be something they are not.”

She called them out for their lavish lifestyles, but then crying about “equality.” Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with working hard an living a lavish lifestyle. However, you can’t cry about equality when that’s how you live.

“These elite leftists preach about inclusion, bridges, open borders – and yet surround their fancy award shows and parties with fences, layers of security and armed – yes ARMED – security details to keep the rest of us out,” Lahren continued, “They get on stage and lecture about gun control, immigration policy, equality and tolerance, like we are a bunch of idiotic children in search of their expert opinions. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Then she hit them with the zinger: “How about this, Hollywood: If you won for a movie or role that glorified guns, violence, making money, or sexualized women, I expect you to forfeit your award. Otherwise, your whining is nothing more than self-righteous grandstanding.”

The elite want to talk the talk, but they don’t want to walk the walk.

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