Lack of Support for Obamacare Continues to Sink Democrats

Yesterday we brought you the news that a newly released study showed that Obamacare would reduce employment by 3%, but maybe even more important, the study showed that about 46% of the American workforce would be NEGATIVELY affected by the Obamacare incentives that were causing the reduction.

That news ties in nicely with a couple of new articles out today. The dueling pieces are both bad news for President Obama and his Democrat cronies.

First, Obamacare has never been popular with the majority of Americans, but the healthcare scheme has always enjoyed the general support of Democrats. That support now seems to be faltering. The number of Democrats who say “they have been HURT” by Obamacare has more than doubled since May of this year – rising from 6% to 15% in just over 5 months time. Now more than 1 of every 5 Democrats say Obamacare is actually going to make things worse – which is the most pessimistic Democrats have been on Obamacare since the President announced his plans for the government to takeover American healthcare.

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Along with the bad news on the Obamacare front comes bad news on the economic front (the two now seem so inextricably tied together). A recent CNBC poll also shows that confidence in President Obama’s economic policies has reached an all-time low.



From the Daily Caller News Foundation

Faith in President Obama’s ability to handle the economy is at an all-time low, according to a new CNBC poll.

Last year 33 percent of Americans said in a CNBC poll they are “extremely or quite confident” in the president’s economic policies, but this year that number fell 9 points to 24 percent in a new poll — the lowest of Obama’s presidency.

Unemployment has hit a new low of 5.9 percent and 248,000 jobs were created in September. The president recently boasted the country is better off than it was when he took office by “every economic measure.” And those polled who rated the economy as “good or excellent” rose 3 points this year, CNBC reports. (RELATED: Nearly 1 In 4 Americans Are Not Working)

But 44 percent of Americans said they have no confidence at all in the president’s economic policies, including a majority of every demographic group polled. And only 45 percent of Democrats polled expressed confidence in his economic policies.

While the President and other Democrats continue travelling the country telling people how good things are now, the American people seem to think differently. While many economic indicators may be showing positive results, there are also many numbers that don’t look so rosy. For example, wages continue to be depressed, inflation continues to rise, and home prices still seem volatile, at best. More Americans of working age are out of the workforce today than ever before, and there are more people on food stamps and other welfare programs than ever before. Businesses continue to flee our shores for the friendlier tax climes of other nations, and the unfavorable economic and business policies of a liberal government leave many reasons for Americans to feel unsure about their economic futures.

And feeling unsure is the worst possible thing to feel as a voter.

Hopefully, all of this negativity being created by President Obama and the Democrat Party will mean big gains for conservatives on November 4th.

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