L.A. “Creative Resistance” Is a Destructive Temper Tantrum

Calling them the “creative resistance” is how the anti-Trump Left flatters their own.

They’re not the creative resistance. They’re vandals!

Notice below how a member of the “creative resistance” casually suggests they would be busy vanadalizing Trump properties if he owned any in Southern California. Another says they will keep at it until Trump is out of office—only he expects this to happen in two years.

It will be fun to see these people’s heads explode when Donald Trump wins the election in 2020.

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The L.A. Times reports, “Taking a pickax to Trump’s star: Does L.A.’s creative resistance go too far?

“I don’t think we’ve got any Trump properties in L.A., so people are taking their frustration out on the star,” said the artist, who asked to remain anonymous because many of his pieces veer into illegality. “The star is a very visible symbol of his celebrity, an obvious place to attack in a way.”

This anti-Trump sentiment reached a new level Wednesday when the star was annihilated with a pickax by a vandal who quickly turned himself in to police.


“It’s a very visceral visual statement that speaks a thousand words,” said Rosa Lowinger, an L.A.-based art writer and conservator who has studied vandalism in public spaces. “These are time-honored traditions of expression.”

In Los Angeles, where the president’s critics far outnumber his fans, Trump has been depicted in street art in a headlock by a luchador, naked, or blindfolded and holding a dart with his hand guided by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Since the 2016 election, Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been subject to spit, kisses, dog feces, selfies and urine. It’s been Sharpied, graffitied, walled in and sledge-hammered.

The artists’ collective INDECLINE put a naked statue of Trump on Hollywood Boulevard during the election, in what it said was a metaphor based on the Hans Christian Andersen story “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” The group has also vandalized Trump-owned hotels and golf courses in protesting the president and his policies.

“There’s always a fine line between destruction and art,” said a representative of INDECLINE, who asked to remain anonymous because many of the group’s activities run afoul of the law. He said because graffiti artists and creative types are far more likely to be disdainful of Trump than to be supporters, his presidency has led to a spike in politically themed street art.

“We took a nice long nap during Obama,” he said. “Whether it’s naked statue or taking a pickax to the sidewalk, you’re going to see more of it for the next two years until he gets voted out.”

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