Kyrsten Sinema: It’d Be ‘Inappropriate’ To Condemn Destruction Of Property By Anarchists

Typical radical leftist, trying to pretend she’s a moderate! I hope Arizonians will be smart, and not fall for her deceptions because she would be a disaster for Arizona!

Radical leftist vs. fighter pilot, why is this race even close?

My dad always said show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.


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Washington Examiner:

A decade before she took an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution, Rep. Krysten Sinema was palling around with anarchists. And while the Arizona Democrat certainly condemns violence now, as a far-left activist, Sinema refused to condemn anarchist destruction of property.

Emails from June 2002 and obtained by the Washington Examiner give insight into Sinema’s work as a community organizer for the Arizona Alliance for Peaceful Justice. The group, she wrote at the time, “opposed the use of violence and weapons in all situations” and “believes in world disarmament.” For all those high-minded ideals though, Sinema wasn’t ready to force her beliefs on anarchists.

“When AAPJ attended May Day (sponsored by the Phoenix Anarchist Coalition), we knew that their guidelines differ from ours,” Sinema emailed a fellow protester. “They are okay with weapons and property destruction in some instances, and so those of us who chose to attend the event knew that it would be inappropriate to ask someone to not destroy property or to carry a weapon.”

In other words, Sinema didn’t feel comfortable imposing her beliefs about not destroying property on her fellow protesters. Neither her congressional office nor her Senate campaign wanted to answer questions about why she would both organize and participate in protests with people who insist on a right to riot and destroy property, not just once but routinely. Numerous phone calls and emails went unanswered. More

You can tell a lot about a person by the people they associate with. Who’s surprised that Democrats, leftists, and progressives are the greatest threat to this nation and our citizens?

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