Knockout Game Player Blinds Old Woman, Flees

Very few stories in the mainstream media refer to the knockout game when reporting gratuitous assaults, and I haven’t found a reports that uses the term in this case.

He was caught stealing shoes, but then cops recognized him as a recent Chicago knockout game player.

Very few stories in the mainstream media refer to the knockout game when reporting gratuitous assaults, and I haven’t found a report that uses the term in this case. But 28-year-old Derrick McMath punched a 67-year-old lady in the eye for no other discernible motive than the entertainment value of hurting her.

ABC 7 Eyewitness News reports, “Man in custody for sucker punching woman on CTA Red Line, police say.

Police said a 67-year-old woman was riding a northbound train at about 12 p.m. Thursday. She was reading on her Kindle when a man approached and, completely unprovoked, punched her in the face.


Even the most vigilant CTA riders were stunned by the attack.

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“Quite frankly, it’s appalling,” said rider Jack Schultz. “Why would someone take the time out of their day to hit somebody’s grandmother?”

The reference to “the most vigilant CTA riders” being “stunned” is an admission that the Chicago mass transit system is overrun by crime but this was worse than normal.

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Further developments were reported by the Chicago Tribune: “Bail denied for man charged in attack in which woman, 67, will lose an eye.

Bail was denied Sunday for a south suburban man accused of punching a 67-year-old woman aboard a CTA Red Line train so hard that she suffered a severe rupture that will require the removal of one of her eyes, prosecutors told a court.

Derrick McMath, 28, stared off into the distance and clutched his right arm behind his back as Cook County prosecutors laid out aggravated battery involving great bodily harm of someone age 60 or older and retail theft charges against him at the Leighton Criminal Court Building in connection to the Thursday attack that was captured on CTA surveillance video.


When the train arrived at the stop and all of the train doors opened, McMath bent over the woman and punched her in the eye […].

This old woman should have been informed by the media and the police that, if she was going to ride the CTA Red Line, she was taking her life in her hands. No one should go out in public in any of our Democrat-run cities and believe they can safely ignore their surroundings and read a Kindle.

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