Knockout Game Continues? The Media Coverup Does! [VIDEO]

Instead of allowing viewers to surmise that the knockout game continues, local news censored the facts.

One might correctly claim that this story, in isolation, is not absolute proof that the knockout game continues. But it is absolute proof that the media would rather leave the public in danger, and make the police’s job harder, than report the truth.

These two overlapping videos were aired by KMAX in Austin last week:

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So, despite lots of words about homelessness, the longer video admits that the police aren’t restricting their investigation to homeless males—just before describing women’s self-defense training. Both videos admit that a description has been circulated by the police because they are “actively looking” for the suspect and want help from the public.

Yet, somehow, KMAX didn’t relay that description. I guess it wasn’t “newsworthy.”

Patch reports, “UT-Austin Campus Police Say Student Assaulted Near Campus.” The story mistakenly describes the victim as male, but it includes another detail:

In a subsequent Facebook post, campus police said the student was punched in he head along Harris Park Avenue. They described the suspect as a black male in his 30s, possibly homeless. They urged anyone who spots the suspect to call 911.

So, women are to be trained in self-defense (without guns, of course) but deprived of information about crime in their neighborhood. Make sense?

How many crimes in how many neighborhoods have been reported under similar censorship rules?

Read the full Patch story.

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