Knockout Game Again: Random and for No Reason, We Are Told

It looks like a black criminal playing the knockout game again, but that won’t be mentioned.

Basically, we’ll never hear of the knockout game again, unless the perpetrator tells authorities that he was racially motivated.

And not even then, because this story from Cleveland, “Ohio gang member accused of punching woman because “she was white” charged with hate crime,” doesn’t mention the knockout game.

So, naturally, reporters assure us that these more recent attacks happened for no reason. As the headline says, “Police search for ‘serial puncher’ after four victims say they were randomly punched for no reason.

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Granted, the victim they show looks more Hispanic than white. But so did George Zimmerman, and that didn’t make the media treat him as a “person of color” along with Trayvonn Martin. No they insisted there must have been a racist motivation.

But not this time. The media does not see a Black Supremacist culture of violence. It doesn’t exist. No one must be distracted from the narrative of white racism and black victimization by the facts, the blood, or the bruises.

WFLA reports, “Police search for man who randomly attacked shoppers in Polk Co.

According to the Haines City Police Department, Johnson walked into a CVS Pharmacy in Haines City on Thursday, battered two customers and left the scene.

Police believe Johnson is responsible for an attack on two employees at a Walmart in Lake Wales, which appeared to be random and unprovoked.

If a white man went around punching non-whites, would journalists say it was “random”? And would the story stay local?

Read the entire story.

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