Kirk Cameron’s “Saving Christmas” Succeeds In Spite of Critical Media Attack

Christian media projects generally suffer from several factors – lack of funding, media apathy, and criticism from the very community that begs for more conservative media projects.

All of that is beginning to change, thanks in part to Kirk Cameron’s recent successes. He and his allies have begun picking up partners in the mainstream media world, including Samuel Goldwyn Films, so the funding has been getting better. The successes that have led to good things like more money, but they’ve also led to more media attention (which would generally be a good thing). Sadly, that media attention has mostly been negative. Also, Cameron’s success hasn’t quieted the critics of the nascent Christian media movement who see his films as sappy, contrived and even poorly written.

These things have all collided to play a role in birthing Kirk Cameron’s latest project, Saving Christmas. Cameron and popular music video director Darren Doane combined to make a movie that begs Christians to remember that God is working to redeem all things – so the roots of some of our traditions may not be the most seemly, but that doesn’t make them wrong today.


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The movie has been roundly criticized by professional media critics and it is currently at 10% Fresh on the Rotten Tomatoes scale (meaning that members of the site who’ve seen the movie haven’t liked it). Even with all of the negative attention that has seemingly been thrown at the movie, Breitbart is reporting that it’s opening weekend has been a success! Saving Christmas opened in 410 movie theaters nationwide and made just over $1 million!

Here are what some other viewers are saying…




Do yourself a favor and go see Saving Christmas with your family as soon as you can!

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