Kid Rock Angers the Gay Speech Police

I’ve heard of Kid Rock, but I don’t know much about him. My musical tastes are varied, but they don’t extend as far as Kid Rock. But after hearing what Kid Rock — Robert James Ritchie — said that most likely will offend the LGBT alphabet soup of sexual choices, I might start listening to his music just to show my solidarity.

Kid Rock played at Barack Obama’s Inauguration but did not vote for him. It was a gig with a paycheck, and with Obama’s talk about fixing the racial divide, a lot of people were giddy over the prospects of a racially discharged America.

“I didn’t agree with his policies, but there was an exciting sense of change in the air.” He went on to note “the country is more divided than ever.”

Racial politics has gotten worse, thanks to Obama’s incessant talk about race and Eric Holder’s one-sided judicial stands on the issue. The racial divide is now a chasm so wide that it might take decades to repair.

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“In a recent interview with The Guardian, musician Kid Rock spoke bluntly about his fame, fortune, and family, and even made a few statements regarding some of the nation’s hottest political issues, including gay marriage, the war on drugs, and abortion.”

It’s not that I necessarily agree with his positions on these subjects; it’s that he seems to be, at this point in time, unafraid to speak his mind and doesn’t care who he might offend.
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