Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick Film Campaign Ad Urging People to Vote for Extreme Left-Wing ‘Progressives’

Husband and wife actors Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have just released a new left-wing political campaign ad video aimed at getting liberals out to vote for far left “progressives” in the upcoming midterm elections.

The campaign is called “Swing Left” and it aims to convince people to vote for hardcore leftists to fundamentally transform America, to tear down what she is to remake it into a socialist nightmare.

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As Breitbart News reported:

In the video, Sedgwick begins by urging Americans to vote in the “most important midterms in our lives” and warns viewers not to be complacent. “Even if you live in a progressive stronghold, there are races all over the country near you,” she says earnestly.

“If we all take just one day, a few hours to volunteer, we’ll be one step closer to a government that will hold this administration accountable,” Kevin Bacon says.

In an interview about the video, Sedgwick trembled, “I am just terrified of where our country is headed,” and worried that the Trump administration is destroying Barack Obama’s legacy.

“I just feel we have gotten far off the path of what our forefathers — and women — meant for us,” she told Variety, adding that she is worried over the rollback of environmental regulations and an end to the harsh regulations Obama placed on the business sector.

Sedgwick said she understands why people in Hollywood don’t want to get into politics because whenever she posts something political on social media many people push back and tell her to get back to acting. “But I don’t care,” she exclaimed.

In the video, Sedgwick says this “the most important election” in a life time. But, don’t left-wingers say that about every election?  At some point they are just crying wolf, aren’t they?

The “Swing Left” campaign is sponsored by a coalition of 30 far, far left groups including MoveOn, Barack Obama’s Organizing for America, the Democrat Party, Resistbot, Working Families, United We Dream, National Domestic Workers Alliance, and list of others. Many are paid for by left-wing labor unions and funded by anti-American billionaire George Soros.

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