Kellyanne Conway: Now That GOP Controls Congress, There’s Really no Excuse NOT to Get Things Done [VIDEO]

CNBC’s Joe Kernen – co-anchor on “Squawk Box” – asked if Trump’s and Pence’s negotiations with Carrier is in indication that as president, Trump will “manage the economy.”

Kellyanne Conway responded, “He’s going to do what presidents should do as the…commander-in-chief of domestic policy.”

She continued: “They are so afraid that he can actually succeed. And if Donald Trump succeeds, makes good on all of his promises as president in the first 100 days, you have a roaring economy again, and the answers were there at all times. It just takes will, and it takes leadership. And now that he has Congress across the Hill here, there’s really no excuse to not get it done.”

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In a sense, that’s true. The GOP holds a majority in both Houses, and with a Republican in the White House, a lot can be accomplished. But it also means a lot of damage can be done.

One of the advantages to a Hillary Clinton presidency – hear me out – is that she would be gridlocked on everything that she wanted. From a small government perspective, that would be a good thing. She wouldn’t be able to get much done. She would be stonewalled at every step of the way.

But it wouldn’t be because the Republicans had ideological differences with Hillary Clinton. Perhaps it would be that way for some representatives in the House and Senate, but I would say for most of them, it would be purely partisan. In other words, if a Republican were to push for the same things that Hillary would have as president, those same reps would go along with it.

Politicians in the House and Senate don’t cease to be corrupt just because they hold the majority, and a Republican will be occupying the White House.

One way they could seriously “make America great again” is by decreasing the size and scope of the federal government. Cutting taxes and regulations, overturning bad laws, reversing executive orders, and literally downsizing are actions they could take to “get things done.” If that’s what they end up doing, I’d be all for it. More power to them. (Or…less power to them?)

I have a feeling that not much will change in terms of government overreach. We’ll still have a growing welfare state, a growing warfare state, a growing federal government that seeks its own power and control by further restricting people’s liberties. I hope I’m wrong.

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