Kellyanne Conway has a Message for Democrats About Anti-Trump Violence [VIDEO]

During the presidential campaign, Democrats called on Trump to denounce his supporters who were committing violence in his name. I’m sure there were real scuffles instigated by both sides, but Project Veritas had revealed that many of these violent incidents were committed by provocateurs working for the Democrats, for the express purpose of making Trump and his fans look like violent extremists. The Democrats knew that the media would have a heyday with it, and they did. But it didn’t stop Trump from winning.

And his win didn’t assuage the Democrats’ propensity for violence.

As President-elect, Trump was urged by the media to denounce the violence that was [allegedly] done in his name. The media claimed that ‘hate crimes’ were on the rise, and they were all due to Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric and election win.

So, he looked at the camera and denounced it. He told the perpetrators to ‘stop it.’

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But that wasn’t enough in the eyes of the Democrats. In truth, nothing he said or did would be good enough, short of resigning.

I always wondered what they wanted the President-elect to do (other than step down). What was he supposed to do about violence? He could condemn it, but that’s not likely to do anything. He’s not a cop. We have police all over the country. If there was violence at demonstrations, the police will step in.

Unless of course they’re ordered to stand down by the mayor, as in the case of the Baltimore riots a couple years ago. The mayor ordered the police not to engage the rioters. She wanted to offer a safe space for those “who wished to destroy.”

So, it just depends on what’s being protested. If they’re protesting highly politicized ‘police brutality’ cases, the violence and property destruction is okay. If they’re protesting Trump, same thing. If they’re counterprotesters to the anti-Trump rioters, that’s bad, and hateful, and bigoted, and must not be tolerated.

Ever since Trump’s been elected, many of the nation’s reprobates are outraged to the point that they want to riot, destroy property, and violently clash with others. The media may report on it, but it’s always with a sympathetic slant. They basically justify it and say that it’s Trump’s fault.

Now, Kellyanne Conway has a message for the Democrats about recent anti-Trump violence. Here’s what she said on Fox & Friends:

“I would love to hear the new DNC chairman Tom Perez, Bernie Sanders … [and] Hillary Clinton – who lost to Donald Trump handily – I’d love for them to come forward as leaders of the Democratic Party and tell people to stop. They have a right to express their First Amendment beliefs, but at the same time violence is not going to get us anywhere…

“We know the political left is very organized and well funded. We saw it during health reform. We’ll see it during tax reform.”

Yeah, that’s not going to happen. In their eyes, the violence is either justified or blamed squarely on Donald Trump. They’ll say if we want the violence to stop, then Trump is going to have to step down and allow the White House to be occupied by its ‘rightful’ owner.

And that’s not likely to happen either.

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