Keeping Peace with a Nuclear Superpower? Trump 2020!

Donald Trump was courageous to congratulate Vladimir Putin, the head of a nuclear superpower.

The media is reporting that Trump didn’t follow the directions of his national security advisors in congratulating Putin on being reelected leader of the world’s second superpower. Furthermore, they are reporting that their own reporting on the leaked news is “stunning” and that the Trump administration is “furious” and “rattled” by the leak.

Is that credible? It’s obviously frustrating to have people who work for you try to hurt you by breaking the law, but I don’t think the news is so damaging.

One of the largest discrepancies between Donald Trump’s promises and his Presidency is that he’s chosen some standard warmonger/globalists for national defense and national security. The fact that he will not follow their directions is a feature, not a bug. Trump should use it to campaign for reelection.

And we voted for Trump as President, not any national security bureaucrat.

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Axios reports, “A stunning leak rattles Trump and his aides.

…the leak prompted […] finger-pointing within the administration, as aides reeled from a leak that could only have come from a small group of people, each of whom is trusted with sensitive national secrets.

Possible motives include concern about how Trump is handling Putin, frustration by the officials about Trump ignoring their advice, or internal power games.

A White House official, furious about the WaPo story: “This is the way Trump is. If he’s doing business with you or working with you in some way, he’s going to congratulate you.”

The official said: “The idea he’s being soft on Russia is crap. He approved Javelin missiles to Ukraine, closed the consulate in San Francisco, approved the sanctions. … But … he doesn’t want his personal relationship [with Putin] to be acrimonious.”

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