Keep Your Ovaries Out of My Wallet

I know “Keep Your Ovaries Out of My Wallet” doesn’t rhyme like “Keep you rosaries off of my ovaries,” the mantra of the anti-religion pro-unborn baby killers, but it makes a more accurate point.

uterus_walletNobody should be forced to pay for someone’s sexual choices, especially when those choices result in dead unborn babies. In fact, nobody should be forced to pay for another person’s healthcare anymore than people should be allowed to vote for legislation that takes money from third parties to pay for housing, food, education, and so many other unconstitutional edicts and laws.

The Supreme Court struck down to legal provisions that are related. In the Hobby Lobby case, the Supreme Court ruled that religious organizations should not be forced to comply with a law that is fundamentally a breach of the First Amendment, paying for so-called birth control devices that cause abortions.

“Pam Harris, the lead plaintiff in the landmark Harris v. Quinn case, in which the high court ruled people who care for loved ones in their home can’t be compelled to join the Service Employees International Union, said the ruling was a victory for her son Josh, who suffers from a rare genetic disorder.

“‘It means no third party intrusion, it means that there’s not going to be a union contract inserted between my son and I, there’s not going to be union rules and regulations dictating how I can provide the care that Josh needs,’ she said.”

The Hobby Lobby case and the Harris v. Quinn cases are related.

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