Kayne West Says ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cast Attacked and Bullied Him Over Trump Support

Rapper Kanye West, who appeared on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, said that the SNL cast belittled him and bullied him because he has spoken in support of President Donald Trump. Ah, there’s that loving “tolerance” from the left we are all so used to, huh?

West appeared on the September 29 premiere of the left-wing “comedy” show performing his song, “Ghost Town,” but as the show ended and the cast came out on stage for their bows, West addressed the crowd slamming the Democrat Party as the party of welfare, group-think, and limitations.

But later West insisted that the SNL cast bullied him because he decided to wear a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” hat on stage.

As he told TMZ (Via the Washington Examiner):

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“They bullied me backstage. They said, ‘don’t go out there with that hat on. They bullied me backstage. They bullied me! And then they say I’m in a sunken place,” he said. “You want to see the sunken place? Okay, I’ma listen to ya’ll now — or I’ma put my Superman cape on, cuz this means you can’t tell me what to do. Follow your heart and stop following your mind. That’s how we’re controlled. That’s how we’re programmed. If you want the world to move forward, try love.”

Turning to the people gathered behind him on stage, West said, “Thank ya’ll for giving me this platform. I know some of ya’ll don’t agree, but ya’ll be going at that man … and I don’t think it’s actually that helpful. I think the universe has balance. Ninety percent of news are liberal.”

He continued: “90 percent of TV, L.A., New York, writers, rappers, musicians. So it’s easy to make it seem like it’s so one-sided

Indeed, as SNL wrapped up and Kanye was addressing his issues, he was cut off…

Comedian Chris Rock, who was in the audience during the show, recorded a bit more of West’s address:

More from the Examiner:

“I wanna cry right now, black man in America, supposed to keep what you feel in side right now,” he said, singing again while standing in front of fellow rapper Kid Cudi, “SNL” cast members, and others on the stage.

He then spoke about Democrats and welfare.

“The blacks want always Democrats …,” he said, adding later: “You know it’s like the plan they did, to take the fathers out the home and promote welfare. Does anybody know about that? That’s a Democratic plan.”

He also dismissed talk of Trump being racist.

“There’s so many times I talk to, like, a white person about this and they say, ‘How could you like Trump? He’s racist.’ Well, uh, if I was concerned about racism I would’ve moved out of America a long time ago,” he said.

Bullying Kanye West. This is the “tolerant” left.

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