Kavanaugh Accuser’s Friends Reveal She’s Discussed Encounter With Them In The Past

Kavanaugh accuser says she “discussed” the “encounter” in vague terms because she saw her friend discuss her own encounter on social media and she wanted the attention too.

This is how crazy people function. This woman has been rewriting her own memories in order to claim her status as a victim in a world that awards victims.

So the number of people she told about it at the time is still ZERO, so corroboration not really achieved.


Two friends of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the California researcher who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of attempted assault, revealed Tuesday that Ford discussed her alleged encounter with Kavanaugh well before President Donald Trump tapped him to succeed Justice Anthony Kennedy.

The assertions of Ford’s friends, Rebecca White and Kirsten Leimroth, come as she seeks to rebut insinuations that she is fabricating her claim, and substantiate her telling of events which took place 35 years ago.

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White told The San Jose Mercery News that Ford talked with her privately about the matter, after White posted details of her own #MeToo experience in social media.

“She reached out to me afterward, supporting me and my story and that she had something happen to her when she was really young and that the guy was a federal judge,” White said. “She said she had been assaulted. She said hers had been violent as well, physically scary, fighting for her life.”

The other Ford confidant, Leimroth, similarly told the Mercury News that Ford has alluded in the past to an attempted sexual assault in high school, but could not recall when exactly they had discussed the matter. More

I would not be surprised to discover that this accuser did not even know Brett Kavanaugh and that they were never together at any unsupervised party. It may have happened to her, but he had nothing to do with it. –BB4SP

So, can we hear from Christine Blasey Ford’s ex-boyfriends and have them testify as to her character?

It would be nice if feminists would make up their mind over whether they want to be pathetic, helpless victims or empowered, strong women.

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