Kansas Robber in a World of Hurt after Breaking into the Wrong Home

A Kansas criminal made a big mistake when he broke into the wrong Sedgwick County, Kansas home last Sunday.

A man identifying himself only as “Mr. Dudley” said that he woke up early Sunday morning to an intruder entering his home.

“We were awakened early this morning by the sound of our home alarm going off,” said Mr. Dudley. “And that was followed by the sound of breaking glass. I went to investigate the noise and found an intruder breaking and entering my home.”

It was at this point that Mr. Dudley, who owns at least on firearm, shot and wounded the man who had broken into his home. The intruder then fled with Mr. Dudley in hot pursuit. The burglar was able to escape from Dudley, but police found the burglar nearby bleeding from the confrontation.

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“It was just a duty to protect my family,” Mr. Dudley told reporters.

It is the job and the right of every person to defend themselves from those who would do them harm. This is one reason that the 2nd Amendment is so important – the ability to protect ourselves safeguards our humanity. Without the legal ability to own a firearm, law-abiding citizens would find themselves at the mercy of the lawless… and therefore be relegated to second-class citizenship and worse. Criminals should fear us, the law-abiding protectors of our homes and families, as much as we must be concerned with them.

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