In Kansas – Liberal Greg Orman Calls Bob Dole “A Clown”

Look, we’ve been telling you for some time that the “Independent” candidate for Senator in Kansas, Greg Orman, is a HUGE Liberal. He was a Democrat just a few months ago, and the only reason he’s an “independent” now is because in Kansas it makes more sense to be an independent than it does to be a Democrat. Orman can change his affiliation… but he hasn’t changed his politics. He’s a tax and spend liberal who loves abortion, wants to grant amnesty to 11 million illegals, and thinks Obamacare is great!

The man does not represent the majority of Kansans politically, and to elect him would be a HUGE mistake. (No matter how mad you are at Pat Roberts.)

The latest example of Orman’s disconnect from your average Kansan was his willingness to trash a Kansas hero. Bob Dole may be the most popular Kansan in Kansas… and Greg Orman chose to call him a “clown.”

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The Roberts campaign is calling across the state to let people know about Orman’s attack on Roberts and his supporters.


Here’s the bigger issue for me, Kansas…

I know you’re mad at Pat Roberts (R-KS) and you want him to know that you’re mad. But Greg Orman just said that all of the Republicans who’ve come in to ask you to support Roberts are clowns. Do you really agree?

Kansas is overwhelmingly Republican. Even if you’re mad at Roberts… don’t you still support men like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee? Or if you’re a more moderate Republican, don’t you support Bob Dole, Chris Christie and Mitt Romney? These six men cut across the GOP philosophical spectrum and Orman called them all clowns. If he thinks all of these men are clowns… who would he be willing to work with in the GOP?

Face it Kansas – Greg Orman is a liberal Democrat who, if elected, will caucus with the Democrat Party. Are you willing to send a liberal Democrat to Washington to represent you? I sure hope not.

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