Kansas Approves Concealed Carry WITHOUT a Permit!

Conservative Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (R-KS) just signed a bill making Kansas the latest “Constitutional Carry” state, meaning that Kansans aged 21 and up will be allowed to carry their firearms with or without a government permit. The law goes into effect on July 1st and the usual scaremongers have crept out to weep tears of angst that the government isn’t getting more involved in the permitting process, but Governor Brownback has thus far stood firm.

“We’re saying that if you want to do that in this state, then you don’t have to get the permission slip from the government,” Brownback said. “It is a constitutional right, and we’re removing a barrier to that right.”

Rep. Travis Couture-Lovelady is happy that the Governor signed the law into action and doubts that any of the fears that are currently being expressed will ever rear their ugly heads. Nor does he believe that the state will come to regret not forcing the mandatory gun training that some concerned anti-gun rights activists want.

“We haven’t had any of the Wild West shootouts. We haven’t had any of the blood running in the streets that folks feared. Training is an ongoing, personal responsibility. It’s not something the government can mandate… It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ when you talk about the lifestyle of carrying a gun.”

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gunlawThe President of the Kansas State Rifle Association, Patricia Stoneking, had nothing but praise to give Governor Brownback and other supporters of the Constitutional Carry legislation. However, there was one change that she would like to see to the measure – the elimination of the mandatory age 21 requirement for citizens to carry.

“Eighteen-year-olds are allowed to open carry, and they go to war and put their lives on the line to protect this country. I believe we can lower the age to 18 at some point in the future. I think after everybody sees that there are not going to be any of the dire predictions coming true, and they relax a little bit, then we can talk about that.”

I am in full support of Kansas’ move to become the 6th state to allow Constitutional Carry and applaud their efforts to make the state more gun rights friendly. It does sadden me a bit to think that only 6 states in the nation can be called Constitutional Carry, considering that the Bill of Rights was meant to “guarantee” certain rights be protected from our government. How can only 6 states actually be allowing our 2nd Amendment rights to be freely practiced?

I also agree with the Kansas State Rifle Association; it baffles me to think that an 18 year old can give his life in combat to serve our country, yet he cannot legally carry a firearm in a “Constitutional Carry” state. (Maybe we shouldn’t call Kansas that yet?) If an 18 year old can serve in combat, then he/she should be allowed to partake in all of the rights and privileges of any other citizen… yes, even those privileges that come when you turn 21. (I’m looking at you alcohol.)

I hope more states jump on the Kansas bandwagon and start actually supporting the honest meaning of the 2nd Amendment.

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