Just How Bad are Student Loans? 50% of Millennials Would Give Up Voting Rights to Erase Debt

Just how bad are the student loans getting? A survey shows that 50% of all the respondents would give up their right to vote in order to have their debts forgiven.

Yikes! That is bad. Why, you ask? Not only does that mean that the student debt is reaching an unbearable amount, but we could see ourselves in a debacle if some politician got the bright idea to somehow trade votes for debt forgiveness.

How likely is that to happen? I couldn’t say. However, we know just how vile and sneaking liberals can be….and I wouldn’t put the effort of doing so past them.

Fox Business reports:

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As the staggering national student loan debt tally sits at an all-time high of $1.33 trillion, according to the Department of Education, many Millennials say they would go to extreme lengths to wipe their slate clean.

According to a new survey from Credible, a personal finance website, 50% of all respondents (ages 18-34) said they would give up their right to vote during the next two presidential elections in order to never have to make another loan payment again.

Other extremes include a willingness to ditch ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft (44%) and giving up travel outside of the country for five years (42%) to have student loans forgiven.

Yet, only 27% said they would be willing to move in with their parents for five years or give up texting at 13%. Of the 500 Millennials surveyed, only 8.2% of them chose to keep paying off their debt and not give up anything.

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