Just a Reminder – Socialism has Starved Tens of Millions even as Capitalism has Fed Hundreds of Millions

Marian L. Tupy has posted an excellent article over at the Foundation for Economic Education discussing the facts about the history of socialism on our planet.

Tupy takes us on a walk through the last century of our planet’s geo-political tumults and deftly explains how every single time that socialism has been attempted, it has ended in carnage, destruction, poverty, hunger, and death.

Socialism is back in vogue, especially among America’s college-educated youth. They are too young to remember the Cold War and few study history. It is, therefore, timely to remind the millennials of what socialism wrought —especially in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Those of us who remember the early 1980s will always remember the images of starving Ethiopian children. With bellies swollen by kwashiorkor and eyes covered with flies, these were the innocent victims of the Derg — a group of Marxist militants who took over the Ethiopian government and used starvation to subdue unruly parts of the country.

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Between 1983 and 1985, some 400,000 people starved to death. In 1984, Derg earmarked 46 percent of the gross domestic product for military spending, thereby creating the largest standing army in Africa. In contrast, spending on health fell from 6 percent of GDP in 1973 to 3 percent in 1990…

Wherever it has been tried, from the Soviet Union in 1917 to Venezuela in 2015, socialism has failed. Socialists have promised a utopia marked by equality and abundance. Instead, they have delivered tyranny and starvation. Young Americans should keep that in mind.

Read the rest of this tremendous essay at FEE.


This is the truth of socialism on our planet. Its end is ALWAYS death. The famous aphorism, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions,” was seemingly written to describe the absentminded liberal march towards socialism. Let’s end the cycle of destruction, let’s end the stupidity that is socialism.

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