Julian Assange Says ‘the CIA has been Deeply Humiliated’ [VIDEO]

Former Republican Texas Congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul interviewed Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks.

Assange drifts back and forth from being Republicans’ worst enemy and the Democrats’ best friend to being Republicans’ best friend and the Democrats’ worst enemy.

During the Bush years, Republicans despised Assange and Wikileaks and wanted them brought down like a terrorist organization. And the Democrats championed him as a hero.

During the Obama years, Democrats despised Assange and Wikileaks and wanted them brought down like a terrorist organization. And the Republicans championed him as a hero.

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During the most recent presidential campaign, Wikileaks as you know released a bunch of emails from John Podesta’s account. While most of them weren’t all that explosive, there were some gems as well as some really weird, bizarre stuff that we’ll probably never get to the bottom of.

The Democrats said that those releases were ‘nothing to see here.’ Obama said that they were ‘mostly routine stuff.’ Yet, at the same time, Democrats blamed Wikileaks – whom they say ‘colluded’ with Russia – for embarrassing Hillary Clinton’s campaign and elevating Trump to victory.

(How do you ’embarrass’ a candidate with non-newsworthy and ‘routine’ information to the extent that it causes her to lose a presidential election? I have no idea.)

Now, it seems the Trump administration is changing its attitude toward Julian Assange and Wikileaks. New CIA Director Mike Pompeo said that the organization is a ‘hostile intelligence service.’ He’s called Assange a ‘fraud’ and a ‘coward.’

CNN had reported that the Department of Justice is now seeking to arrest Assange for publishing classified information, even though major media sources like the New York Times and the Washington Post had done the same thing.

“The CIA has been deeply humiliated as a result of our ongoing publications so this is a preemptive move by the CIA to try and discredit our publications and create a new category for Wikileaks and other national security reporters to strip them of First Amendment protections,” Assange said.

It’s hard to tell whether the Trump administration’s new mindset toward Wikileaks is genuine or if it’s been formulated purely for political reasons. Continuing to champion Wikileaks and Assange in the current hysterical anti-Russia political climate would be bad for optics.

So, because of the media’s fake news about Russia and how they allegedly helped Trump win, the current administration can’t play into that narrative. They have to position themselves on the other side to make it look like they’re actually antagonistic toward Assange. Many have speculated that this is why Trump was advised to attack Russia’s close ally Syria.

Assange noted during his interview with Ron Paul that his critics are saying that he doesn’t have First Amendment rights, since he’s not an American, but rather an Australian living in London at the Ecuadorian embassy. But Assange said that the First Amendment is not about the government giving people the right to free speech. Rather, it’s a restriction on the government from silencing people.

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