Judge Slams Hillary for “Mocking the Seriousness” of the FBI Email Probe


Judge Andrew Napolitano once again took on Hillary Clinton’s current email imbroglio when he discussed her recent amazing (not in a good way) interview on NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. During her conversation with Todd, Clinton was asked about the email scandal that she finds her self embroiled in. Her response turned heads around the country.

When the FBI email investigation was broached, Clinton said “she wasn’t “concerned” about whether the ongoing FBI investigation into her private email server will affect the way people vote, charging Republicans with continuing to leak information.

“I can’t control what the Republicans are doing but I know what the facts are and I will just keep putting them out there.

Right. As if it’s the GOP and not the FBI running an investigation into her crimes.

Judge Napolitano sees this disgusting misdirection as more evidence to Clinton’s unscrupulous character. How can someone who is the center of such a serious criminal investigation simply shrug it off as if she has no opinion about what’s going on? This is not a GOP witch-hunt but an investigation into very serious and already proven criminal activities! Whether or not Mrs. Clinton meant to break the law, the media has already proven that the way in which she handled classified information has sent lesser government officials to prison!

“The more she tries to act like there’s no legal problem, the more she mocks the seriousness of what this is,” said Napolitano. 

He emphasized that materials classified as SAP could potentially contain the most secret information imaginable, like the names of CIA moles, secret agents, and the existence of “black ops.”

Napolitano said the FBI agents investigating the matter don’t even have access to the codes necessary to view these materials. 

“There obviously are political motivations here. Because this is such a serious charge against her that many Democrats will flee from her in droves if the FBI recommends indictment,” he said, adding that the FBI probe is “neutral and professional,” not political. 

There is just no excuse for the way she simply laughs off this scandal.

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