Judge: Seattle Tax on the Rich at a Higher Rate Is Illegal

Critics say the Seattle tax was imposed by people who knew that the city didn’t have the legal right to do it.

If only “progressive” federal income tax could be ended as easily as the Seattle tax! A judge ruled that the city did not have the authority to “soak the rich” through a progressive income tax.

Seattle ought the thank the judge because, if he hadn’t struck down the tax, all the wealthy people would have left the city, causing property values to drop.

The Seattle Times reports, “Seattle’s income tax on the wealthy is illegal, judge rules.

Seattle’s income tax on wealthy households was deemed illegal Wednesday.

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King County Superior Court Judge John R. Ruhl agreed with multiple legal challenges that a city ordinance passed in July to impose a new income tax on wealthy earners has no authority under state law.

By signing the summary judgment order presented by multiple plaintiffs who’ve sued the city over the measure, Ruhl has agreed that with their argument that Washington’s constitution and statutes both prohibit tax plans that impose different rates on low income individuals and those who earn more money.


“The Seattle City Council knew when it first passed this last summer that taxes in this state have to be applied uniformly,” said Tom McCabe, chief executive of the Freedom Foundation…

Here’s commentary from a few months ago:

Read the entire Seattle Times story.

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