Judge Kavanaugh’s Opening Statement to the Judiciary Committee: Powerful and Compelling

This writer sees the vilification of Judge Brett Kavanaugh as a circus, if not an outright crime.

By Greg Holt

(The Olive) This writer sees the vilification of Judge Brett Kavanaugh as a circus, if not an outright crime.  I also see the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford as unsubstantiated, unclear, and very uncertain.  The people Blasey Ford mentions as having been there during the assault, or in the home where said assault happened – all deny this incident ever happened, and this includes a very good friend of hers.

Further, the evidence against Brett Kavanaugh is wholly unsubstantiated.  There are far too many holes in Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony.  NO ONE corroborates her version of events except her husband.  The letter Blasey Ford supposedly wrote has been possibly identified as a fake by experts.

As well, why did Senator Dianne Feinstein sit on this letter for two months, and then bring it forth right at the time of the confirmation vote for Brett Kavanaugh?  The timing irregardless of Feinstein’s claims of keeping the letter confidential due to Blasey Ford’s wishes – is very suspect.  This is nothing more than a concerted smear campaign orchestrated by the Democrats as a last ditch effort to prevent the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  Keep in mind here – the Dems are DESPERATE to prevent a Constitutionalist from being confirmed to the Supreme Court.  This would be an unmitigated disaster for the Democrats who view the Constitution as a “living breathing” document – meaning that the meaning of the Constitution can be changed at will to suit the times.  This is an extremely dangerous position fraught with untold peril that must be prevented.

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The Constitution is not to be interpreted as a living breathing document, that is not what the founding Fathers intended, if such was the case, the founding Fathers would have made that clear – they did NOT.

The Democrats are desperate to have a judge confirmed to the bench that will NOT view the Constitution as a document set in stone – but rather as a document that can be reinterpreted to comply with the current times and customs.  This also means that judges would be free to “legislate” from the bench, judges are to interpret the law based on the principles laid out in the Constitution, not change the meaning of the law by legislating from the bench – such as was done when same-sex marriage was “approved.”  This was not what the founding Fathers had in mind.  The rule of law set forth in the Constitution was meant to be permanent, that all subsequent laws would be subservient to the ideals set forth within the Constitution and would follow the Constitution as a guide to all future laws and rules set forth by the Congress.  These ideals set forth in the U.S. Constitution – are exactly what makes America great – and what draws other countries to the ideals of the United States.

Brett Kavanaugh represents these ideals, and is therefore an existential threat to the Democrats One World government plans.  Let no one forget that Kavanaugh is also not going to tolerate anti-Constitutional law and opinion – this works against the Democrats.

This writer will mention one more point here: much has been made of Blasey Ford’s passing of a lie detector test, as well as her impassioned testimony before Congress.  First, Christine Blasey Ford’s story as a whole has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.  Second, all of the people she references as having been there in any capacity deny this even ever happened.  Third, why did all involved wait until the vote for confirmation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court when he previously served on the powerful United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit?  Fourth, Blasey Ford was trained as a clinical Psychologist, one who would know how to defeat a lie detector test, and as well could easily present impassioned testimony whether or not said testimony was true.

If you have not watched Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony before Congress, I implore you to do so now.  The raw emotion in Brett’s face and voice is very convincing, along with the facts that he presents in his defense.  Note the expressions on his wife’s face who is seated behind and to the left of Brett as he testifies – priceless.

I have NO doubt of Brett Kavanaugh’s innocence.  And YES, for the record, I DID see much of Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony.  This is yet another attempted Democratic smear job, just like the vicious smear job against Clarence Thomas.

Watch the video below

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